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Monday, 16 April 2012

Back To Blogging

Hello everyone! Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend and best wishes for the start of the new week. Can you believe how fast this year is breezing by us? We are already half way through April. Where does the time go? 

My apologies for seriously neglecting the blog. I finished my lectures at university for my Masters programme and now I'm back home in the States for a month on a mini holiday. Just came to see my family and spend some time with them before the most crucial time in my Masters programme starts. Exams in June and I need to seriously straighten out for my dissertation. I've been putting it off for awhile though I have my schedule all planned out, it just seems like sometimes I can't be bothered. But that won't be happening from now on. So wish me the best on the journey!

There is lots going on in the sports world at the moment so I think I will start doing blog posts including various sports and writing about the biggest headlines so stay tuned.

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